About Us

Psychology News Press published its first book in 1981 and produced after a gap of 33 years its second book which became a best seller. Goodbye Dearest Holly written by Kevin Wells was wonderfully edited by Reuben Cohen who died tragically when he was only 38. Our third book Pushing The Limits, again edited by Reuben, was nominated for the Best Sports Book of the Year award.

Psychology news press is owned and run by David Cohen who is a psychologist, UK bestselling author and documentary filmmaker.

He has made countless programmes for ITV, Channel 4 and other broadcasters, including the acclaimed The Night Diana Died for Channel 5, the feature film The Pleasure Principle and Gorbachev's Asylums: the first documentary to get inside Soviet psychiatric hospitals. Not long ago he  finished making a film about poetry and jazz with Dannie Abse, Alan Brown john and Jeremy Robson.

Small is potentially beautifully.

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