Kavanagh M.P. by David Cohen

When Arthur Kavanagh entered the House of Commons in 1866, he had to be carried in by his body servant. Kavanagh would have been smothered at birth in 1829 if he had not been the son of one of Ireland's great families who were descended from the kings of Leinster. He was born with no arms and no legs, just tiny stumps that never grew to more than 3 inches. The family doctor Dr Boxwell devised a plan to train the boy with no pity - and it worked. By the age of 5 Arthur could write with a pencil in his mouth and ride in a specially made saddle. In his teens, Arthur discovered there was nothing wrong with his middle leg. At 16 he had to be exiled from the family estate because he was sleeping with local girls which scandalised his mother. Freaks had to be celibate...


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